Sorry for the delay in getting the poll going — had a case of the Mondays at the AA HQ. Here are the chronicles (majority still in the comments) and HERE IS THE POLL. Go vote or leave a comment with a write in vote. I’ll post the winners and updated standings on Tuesday night.

1. “They oughtta put a skirt on em.” — Bob Griese, in reference to quarterback rules now (via Sctvman)

2. “If they can live in first and second down and short…” — Andre Ware (via Sctvman)

3. “Plenty of time on the play cock……play clock” — Roger Twibell (via ReaderM)

4. “I don’t care if you’re playing pee-wee football, or little sisters of the poor, if you’re shutting teams out for six quarters, you’re playing good defense.”Dave Lapham (via Sctvman)

5. “…great field awareness, tremendous balance…and awareness.” — Chris Martin after Larry Caper’s TD in MSU/Illinois game.

6. “I’m a big fan of pirates in general.” — Mike Leach (via Sctvman)

7. “According to that yellow line, which is not official, but is awfully close.” – Mike Patrick (via JFein)

8. “Cam Newton has thrown for 140 yards and passed for 191.” — Gary Danielson (via Bubbaprog)

9. “Moore’s not satisfied. Moore wants more.” — Dave Lapham (via JFein)

10. “Kenny Demens came up and made an attacking kind of tackle.” — Ron Franklin

11. “Nice tackle by that cheerleader… She really put her face right in there…. BAM!!!” — Matt Millen (via Cheyne)

12. “At the end of the day the team that scores the most in this ballgame is going to win the game” — Verne Lundquist (via Sctvman)

13. “Florida hasn’t lost three in a row since Emmitt Smith’s senior year.”  — Clay Matvick on Florida/Mississippi State. Emmitt Smith didn’t HAVE a senior year. He left after his junior year, which was actually 1989, the year AFTER Florida last lost three in in a row.(great catch by KT)

14. “Hold your water. Just hold your water. Don’t know what it means, but coaches like Herm always say it.” — Chris Spielman (via Rick James Bible Owner)

15. “Boom goes the Dan Herron!” — Rece Davis on the AnOSU-Wisky highlight