Lawrence Jackson Jr. Lawrence Jackson Jr. on Short and to the Point

Host Jessica Kleinschmidt interviews NBC Sports fantasy football analyst Lawrence Jackson Jr. Jessica and Lawrence discuss a wide range of topics including working with Matthew Berry, using more of an “eye test” approach instead of analytics, Tyreek Hill saying his Dolphins team is better than his Super Bowl-winning Chiefs team, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown.

  • 1:56: Welcome Lawrence Jackson Jr. to Short and to the Point
  • 2:03: Journey to NBC/Peacock
  • 7:19: Being unique and different in the fantasy football content space
  • 10:26: Is it simple to be yourself when creating content?
  • 13:19: Coming from Atlanta
  • 15:34: Impact of the Atlanta Braves in the 90s
  • 19:40: Analyzing fantasy football without focusing as much on analytics
  • 21:45: Did Lawrence ever feel like he had to utilize analytics?
  • 24:53: Is there a balance between utilizing analytics and the “eye test?”
  • 25:55: Networking tips
  • 28:30: Lawrence’s professional goals
  • 30:31: Being on TV, in studio, for the first time
  • 32:35: Matthew Berry
  • 40:11: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
  • 40:59: Which NFL player could Lawrence give a TED Talk about?
  • 41:43: Is Lamar Jackson “as advertised” this NFL season?
  • 42:25: Reaction to Tyreek Hill’s Dolphins/Chiefs comments

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