CM Punk Photo: WWE

Jessica Kleinschmidt hosts a roundtable with Awful Announcing writers/ WWE fans Ben Axelrod, Chris Novak, and Robert O’Neill to discuss CM Punk returning to WWE. The panel talks about Punk’s return at Survivor Series, potential future Punk storylines, Triple H bringing Punk back into the company, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown.

  • 1:25: Welcome to Short and to the Point
  • 2:11: Fan reaction to CM Punk’s return
  • 3:52: How surprising was CM Punk returning at Survivor Series?
  • 4:48: Media coverage on CM Punk’s return
  • 6:38: CM Punk having the “It factor”
  • 8:21: People not wanting to work with CM Punk
  • 9:22: Potential future CM Punk storylines
  • 11:34: Triple H bringing CM Punk back into WWE
  • 14:50: Vince McMahon not bringing CM Punk back
  • 16:08: Wrestling in Chicago
  • 17:56: CM Punk’s MMA career and the transition from WWE to UFC
  • 18:59: Was the timing right for WWE to embrace CM Punk?
  • 21:04: Hot take CM Punk storyline

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