We’re back again with another episode of the AA podcast.

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This week, Joe Lucia and Andrew Bucholtz join host Ben Heisler and discuss the most recent headlines in the sports media world. Some highlights:

1:00-7:40: Have the strong World Series rating been surprising?

7:40 -10:20: How have Joe Buck and Fox as a whole done this Postseason? Is the mass hatred for Joe Buck going away?

10:20 – 13:30: What’s the ideal broadcast booth for a World Series?

13:30 -18:30: Should Fox tinker with their pre and post-game show personnel?

19:00 – 23:45: Reactions from the fallout to ESPN’s debacle with Barstool

24:15 – 32:00: Did the comments the CEO of The Athletic hurt the company’s prospects going forward?

34:00 – 38:00: Looking forward into 2018 and beyond in sports media

39:00 – 42:00: Mike joins the podcast, goes 2/2 on our Clippit sponsored trivia game, and wins a $50 Amazon gift card.

42:30 – 63:00: Bleacher Report President Rory Brown discusses the history of the company from his start in 2008 to now.

1:05:00 – 1:11:00: How important is Bleacher Report’s website in 2017, given how popular the social accounts, newsletter, and app are?

1:16:30 – 1:21:00: Biggest regret in terms of Bleacher Report’s strategy over the last decade

1:25:30 – 1:28:00: Could Bleacher Report ever launch a subscription premium content service?

1:28:00 – 1:30:00: Could Bleacher Report become the umbrella brand for Turner Sports?

1:30:30 – 1:32:00: Why doesn’t Bleacher Report offer their own fantasy games?

1:36:00 – 1:38:45: Ben gets closure from Rory on his failed commissionership of their fantasy football league in 2003.

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