On this week’s edition of the Awful Announcing podcast, host Ben Heisler was joined by Kristen Ledlow of Turner Sports to talk about NBA Inside Stuff, Space Jam, Family Feud, just to name a few topics.

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Here’s the breakdown of what Heisler and Ledlow chatted about.

  • 3:43: The insanity of Tuesday night (Magic stepping down, Dirk & D-Wade’s last home game)
  • 4:30 – Her interactions with Wade & Dirk over the last several years
  • 6:48: Her first interests in playing basketball and playing it competitively for many years
  • 8:20: Did she anticipate trying to play sports professionally? Or was broadcasting always something she was interested in?
  • 10:39: Early influences growing up in an era where there were more female sportscasting role models
  • 13:00: Why she likes to mentor young women in broadcasting and sportscasting
  • 14:50 – Her growth as a broadcaster and when she started to feel comfortable with her own voice and style
  • 16:55 – Does she miss being a radio personality at all?
  • 17:53 – Getting the call from Turner to revive and host Inside Stuff
  • 22:03 – Having rare opportunities to reflect on her accomplishments
  • 23:56 – Her friendship with Grant Hill and his influence in helping her make relationships with players/coaches in the NBA
  • 27:54 – What it’s like to interview Gregg Popovich on the sidelines? Is it as intimidating as it looks?
  • 30:33 – Who’s the most surprising interview in the NBA?
  • 34:00 – Previewing the Eastern Conference Playoff race
  • 36:45 – Who would be her pick for the next Space Jam Monstars
  • 38:30 – Stories from the NBA on TNT crew going on Family Feud

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