On the latest edition of the Awful Announcing Podcast, Ben Heisler is joined by FS1’s Nick Wright.

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Here are some highlights of the interview with the former sports talk radio host and current First Things First co-host:

0:00-4:00: Before Nick Wright joins Ben Heisler, Joe from Chicago comes on and answer both questions correctly in our Clippit-sponsored trivia contest to land a $50 Amazon gift card.

4:00-16:00: Nick Wright explains how he got into the sports talk radio world, and how he originally wanted to do play-by-play or color commentary. But he ultimately learned his best fit was in sports talk radio.

“The ability to give your opinion in long-form on almost any topic that talk radio affords you, I instantly fell in love with it. And it fit my strengths, my argument strengths, my thought process strengths, more than just about anything I could imagine.”

Heisler and Wright also have a conversation on the idea of color commentary featuring a more “conversational element.”

16:00-24:30: Wright talks about hitting his stride as a radio host in Kansas City, and the tough decision to eventually move to Houston to host a radio show (and the support of his family to allow it to happen).

“I loved Kansas City. I still do. I’m from Kansas City. I don’t think I will ever be as popular anywhere as I was in Kansas City at that point in time. My dad’s in Kansas City. My wife’s family, a lot of it’s in Kansas City. But, I knew in that moment — especially when I had another job staring at me — if I stay in Kansas City for this contract, I’m going to stay in Kansas City for all the contract. I’m gonna get married here, my wife and I will have another kid, we’ll buy a house. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a great life and a great city. But, I wanted to see if I could do what I always said I was gonna do, which was at one point in time, be America’s leading sports talk voice. And you can’t do that from Kansas City.”

24:30-29:30: Wright talks about his time in Houston (“It wasn’t where I wanted to be forever”), and the desire to land a national job in New York or Los Angeles.

29:30-36:30: An in-depth explanation from Wright on choosing to join FS1 over ESPN.

36:30-39:15: How long did it take Wright to realize that he could work well with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe on First Things First?

39:15-43:15: What’s different about First Things First from sports debate shows like First Take and Undisputed? Wright has a very passionate response to this one.

43:15-49:30: Wright explains why he spends so much time talking about LeBron James, “the greatest athlete in American history.”

“If there was a physics talk show in 1921, guess what, we’d talk about Albert Einstein damn every day. I happen to be hosting a sports show during the era of the greatest athlete in American history. So we’re going to talk about him a lot. I will unapologetically talk about him a lot, because we would be idiotic not to.”

49:30-54:00: Heisler asks Wright about FS1’s social media policy and how it impacts what Wright will post.

54:00-55:52: Heisler and Wright close the show on the topic of gambling being more accepted in sports commentary.

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