Evan Washburn Evan Washburn on the Awful Announcing Podcast

Host Brandon Contes interviews CBS NFL sideline reporter Evan Washburn. Brandon and Evan discuss working the Super Bowl, interviewing the teams who lose big games, Charissa Thompson’s sideline reporting admission, and more.

Evan will be on the sideline for the AFC Championship Game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens on Sunday 3:00 PM ET on CBS. Evan will also work Super Bowl LVIII, taking place February 11 on CBS and Nickelodeon.

Here’s the full breakdown:

  • :48: Being in hometown Baltimore for AFC Championship Game
  • 1:39: Pre-Ravens fandom
  • 2:37: What is Super Bowl week like?
  • 4:24: Not staying for the Super Bowl when CBS doesn’t have the game
  • 4:55: Working first Super Bowl
  • 6:47: Freezing up/funny moments on a broadcast
  • 7:49: Working with Ian Eagle and Charles Davis
  • 9:02: College basketball work
  • 9:37: Following college basketball during NFL season
  • 10:40: Getting into broadcasting
  • 12:43: Being in college
  • 16:41: Media interests
  • 19:56: More difficult to be accepted by coaches/players or broadcasting peers?
  • 22:15: Working with Jim Nantz and Tony Romo
  • 23:41: Challenges of joining the “A” crew late in the season
  • 25:22: Tony Romo’s preparation
  • 26:57: Wanting the chance to interview Taylor Swift?
  • 28:04: Toughest interview?
  • 32:00: “Competing” against the interview subject to get good answers?
  • 33:15: Charissa Thompson
  • 35:14: Did Thompson’s admission give sideline reporting a bad rap?
  • 36:49: Fighting through crowds for interviews at the Super Bowl
  • 38:56: Halftime interviews at the Super Bowl
  • 39:41: Evan’s wife going into labor while Evan was meeting with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady
  • 45:00: Info from pre-production meetings that Evan actually uses on the broadcast?
  • 48:42: Knowing what info to use in advance
  • 51:28: The art of making the most of your limited time in sideline interviews
  • 53:26: Not wearing a hat on camera

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