On this week’s episode of the Awful Announcing podcast, host Ben Heisler is joined by CBS Sports play by play broadcaster Ian Eagle to talk March Madness, the Nets, calling boxing for the first time, becoming a certified Uber driver in New Jersey by accident, and much more.

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Here’s the rundown of what Heisler and Eagle discussed.

 4:10: How he became a certified Uber driver in New Jersey by accident
– 7:50: Reaching 25 years as the voice of the Nets
– 10:10: Does he consider himself nostalgic
– 11:40: Which broadcasters did he love to listen to as a kid?
– 14:30: On wanting to be versatile and take advantage to call as many events and sports as possible
– 15:20: The story of when he called a boxing match for the first time
– 20:10: On having confidence to approach getting the Nets gig at a very young age
– 26:20: Did he feel like he needed to have a “yes and” approach?
– 29:30: How he balanced an intense workload with having a family
– 32:40: On the preparation for calling a four-game slate for the NCAA Tournament
– 36:25: Which of his fellow CBS broadcasters gets him most fired up to listen to
– 39:20: His relationship and friendship with Bill Raftery

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