Carrington Harrison Carrington Harrison on the Awful Announcing Podcast

Host Brandon Contes interviews host of The Drive on 610 AM in Kansas City, Carrington Harrison. Brandon and Carrington discuss a wide range of topics including interviewing Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift living in KC, Jason Whitlock in KC, watching The Decision with Nick Wright, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown:

  • :38: AA Podcast connections
  • 1:10: Confidence level in Kansas City entering Super Bowl LVIII
  • 2:18: Chiefs fandom
  • 4:04: Chiefs dynasty
  • 8:17: Broadcasting from Radio Row
  • 14:07: Interviewing Patrick Mahomes
  • 15:19: Mahomes as an interview
  • 16:50: Mahomes Super Bowl interview?
  • 17:27: How do the Chiefs handle the media?
  • 19:27: Travis Kelce
  • 22:53: Taylor Swift living in Kansas City
  • 25:17: Have Chiefs fans accepted Swift as one of their own?
  • 27:21: How will Chiefs fans react if Swift isn’t at the Super Bowl?
  • 28:57: Pat McAfee shoutout
  • 30:39: Being a journalist
  • 33:31: Tyreek Hill audio
  • 39:29: Jason Whitlock in KC
  • 42:20: Interviewing Whitlock
  • 43:51: Nick Wright
  • 46:36: Is the national stage appealing?
  • 49:31: Wright as a mentor
  • 50:21: Wright as the LeBron guy
  • 51:05: Has Wright ever lost a debate?
  • 51:36: Andy Reid’s popularity
  • 53:45: Is Reid retiring?

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