Shannon Sharpe and Chad Ochocinco talking with streamer Kai Cenat Photo Credit: Nightcap on YouTube

Popular video game streamer Kai Cenat appeared on the NightCap hosted by Shannon Sharpe and Chad Ochocinco on Tuesday. And a hilarious moment came when Cenat began to show Sharpe and Ochocinco his “basketball mixtape”, which was quickly torn apart by the two former NFL stars.

Those unfamiliar with the streaming world may know Cenat better for his involvement in NBA All-Star Weekend. He was the person that Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown dunked over in the NBA Dunk Contest.

Cenat also played on “Team Shannon” in the 2024 Celebrity All-Star Game against “Team Stephen. A”, where he finished with just four points.

Well, Cenat tried to prove to Sharpe and Ochocinco that he had some skills on the basketball court that weren’t shown during the game. But it certainly didn’t turn out how he may have expected, instead getting laughed at for his competition level, which appears to be pretty young children.

“Oh okay, you got your game face on for real,” said Sharpe watching the “mixtape” on Cenat’s phone. “I need to see the ball going in Kai. I don’t see no ball going in, I see you handlin…. Kai… you playing kids bro!”

Cenat then began to argue Sharpe’s comments, saying the kids he was playing in the clip were “almost 13”. This only led to Sharpe roasting him and his competition even more.

“No Kai, ain’t now way,” said Sharpe. “That kid had on Pampers…”

It’s certainly safe to say that Cenat should focus on streaming instead of the basketball career moving forward if that “mixtape” is any indication of the level of talent he is playing at the moment.

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