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Last week, news broke that Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre was going to join Jason Whitlock’s Fearless show on The Blaze every Wednesday for the NFL season.

Naturally, that raised a lot of eyebrows considering that he remains embroiled in the legal disputes surrounding the Mississippi welfare scandal, in which he has been alleged to have received funding for speaking appearances that he never made and that he played a role in diverting welfare funds to a volleyball facility at the University of Southern Mississippi where his daughter played the sport at the time.

However, don’t expect Favre to discuss the allegations in any form during his appearances as he remains under a gag order from a lawsuit filed by the Mississippi Department of Human Services, as noted by Front Office Sports.

The suppression order, which was put in place by Judge Eleanor Faye Peterson in May prohibits “all attorneys, their representatives, parties, witnesses, applicable agency personnel, law enforcement officers and court personnel” from discussing the case until it has concluded.

Favre’s legal team requested for the gag order to be lifted in June, saying “The suppression order now prevents Mr. Favre from responding to and trying to mitigate the effect of such publicity and could have the unintended consequence of further tainting the trial against Mr. Favre.”

The Mississippi Supreme Court ruled in early August that it would not remove Favre as a defendant in the civil lawsuit, and the gag order remains in place.

Favre remains one of 40 defendants named in a civil lawsuit filed by the Mississippi Department of Human Services last year.

Favre is also still locked in a defamation lawsuit against former Fox commentator turned ESPN commentator Shannon Sharpe and Mississippi state auditor Shad White. He previously sued Pat McAfee for defamation as well but dropped that lawsuit without any financial recourse in May.


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