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A day after news broke that Aaron Rodgers is being considered for the VP slot on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent ticket, the reaction in the NFL world has turned from surprise to a more investigative approach.

As in, why would RFK Jr. consider the New York Jets quarterback, other than their obvious connection as vaccine skeptics?

WFAN host Gregg Giannotti checked in Wednesday morning on Boomer & Gio with a deep dive on the news. His conclusion: It’s all a “grandmaster plan” in a bid to give RFK Jr.’s struggling campaign some attention.

“What I think this is, is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Aaron Rodgers wanting to get Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s message out there more than it has been because it’s been a lot of [Donald] Trump, a lot of [President Joe] Biden, a lot of Democrat, a lot of Republican and they probably know they can’t win,” Giannotti said. “But they’d like to change some people’s minds in the process.”

The sports media has already seemingly made up their mind about Rodgers’ possible candidacy. NFL insiders have cracked jokes and radio and TV hosts have gone on rants and even demanded Rodgers immediately denounce any interest in the role.

But RFK Jr. is not trying to woo the sports media world, he’s trying to gain traction in the presidential race, and adding a high-profile figure such as Rodgers could possibly move the needle. Kennedy told The New York Times he’s also contacted former Minnesota governor and wrestling legend Jesse “The Body” Ventura about the VP spot.

Giannotti said he just can’t see Rodgers going any further than the rumor stage in this, but those rumors will serve their purpose — to generate publicity for RFK Jr.

“This will be a story today, it will continue, but there is no way you’re going to see Aaron Rodgers on a campaign trail,” Giannotti said. “You’re not going to see him in a situation where he is debating people. That’s just not going to happen.

“I just think this is a grandmaster plan to get attention to RFK Jr.’s campaign, which is working, and then once Aaron Rodgers is asked about it, he’ll say something along the lines of, ‘Yeah, I mean obviously we are friends and we talked about this and it’s something I want to do if it was a different time in my life but I obviously have a commitment to the Jets but I want people to understand his message and consider what he’s saying.’ Then, it will be gone.”

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