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Travis Kelce has finally publicly addressed his rumored relationship with Taylor Swift.

Kind of.

On the latest episode of New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, presented by Wave Sports+Entertainment, Kelce discussed Swift’s highly-publicized presence at the Kansas City Chiefs’ win over the Chicago Bears this past Sunday. And while the All-Pro tight end certainly implied that he and Swift are in fact dating, he stopped short of 100 percent confirming it.

“What’s real is that it is my personal life,” Travis said. “I want to respect both of our lives. She’s not in the media as much as I am doing this show every single week and and having fun on other guys shows like The [Pat] McAfee and any other show I go on from here on out.”

“I’ve enjoyed every second of it,” Jason interjected.

“Like you said on that Thursday night game, I’m enjoying life and I sure as hell enjoyed this weekend,” Travis continued. “So everything moving forward, I think me talking about sports and saying ‘alright now’ will have to be kind of where I keep it.”

One could argue that there’s somewhat of a discrepancy between Kelce essentially pleading for privacy following Swift’s highly-visible appearance at Arrowhead Stadium. It’s also worth noting that the latest episode of New Heights used the discussion of Travis and Swift’s relationship to promote the episode, with the conversation taking place roughly halfway through the show.

“We’ve been avoiding the subject out of respect to your personal life,” Jason says in the teaser for the episode. “Now we’ve gotta talk about it.”

“My personal life that’s not so personal,” Travis says. “I did this to myself, Jason. I know this.”

“Well Trav, how does it feel that Taylor Swift has finally put you on the map?” Jason replies.

All things considered, the latest episode of New Heights doesn’t reveal too much outside of Travis revealing that he’s had to deal with paparazzi staking out his house.

“How do you know they’re paparazzi?” Jason asked.

“They have a camera in their hands and they’re screaming my name,” Travis replied.

The two-time Super Bowl-winning tight end also called back to the friendship bracelets he famously failed to gift Swift and said that everybody who was present in the suite with her on Sunday– including his mother, Donna Kelce–walked away thoroughly impressed with the Shake It Off singer.

“To see the slow motion chest bumps, to see the high fives with mom, to see how the Chiefs Kingdom was all excited she was there, that **** was absolutely hysterical,” Travis said. “It was definitely a game I’ll remember.”

In addressing the rumored relationship on his terms, Travis essentially gives himself an out to not have to discuss it again, as he can now point back to his comments on the podcast whenever asked about it in the future. But in stopping short of actually confirming that the two are dating, he likely didn’t quell the emerging conspiracy theory that the rumored relationship is actually a well-orchestrated publicity stunt.

[New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce]


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