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Taylor Swift has made her way to three NFL games since her rumored relationship with Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce has gone public. Swift has been in attendance at Arrowhead Stadium for the Chiefs’ home games against the Bears and Broncos and a road game at MetLife Stadium for a primetime matchup with the Jets.

But apparently where the pop sensation draws the line is the Minnesota Vikings. Or perhaps it’s CBS. So far, Fox, NBC, and Amazon have all reaped the benefits of having Swift in attendance for the broadcasts of their game. But she opted not to attend the Chiefs-Vikings in Week 5.

What gives?

Well, CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson would like to know.

“I’m taking it personally if she doesn’t show up. I am, “Wolfson told Adam Schein on CBS Sports Network Wednesday.  “I am going to reach out…Why? Is it me? Is it Jim? Is it Tony? Is it the 4:25 she doesn’t like, whatever it may be. I expect to see her there. I do.”

Swift has frequently been shown during broadcasts of Kansas Chiefs’ games that she’s been in attendance for. But the popstar was nowhere to be found in Minneapolis. With Jim Nantz and Tony Romo on the call for CBS’ top team, Nantz handled it perfectly, as only he could.

“In case you were wondering, seven words I thought would never leave my lips in my career. What are they? Taylor Swift is not at the game,” Nantz said, as the CBS cameras panned to a Minneapolis crowd filled with Swifties. “That’s a first for me. I’ve never said that before. There’s some broken-hearted people I just saw in the stands. She was questionable all week, but it looks like it’s officially inactive.”

Even after that quip, Wolfson expects Swift to be in Kansas City Sunday, with CBS’ A-Team on the call for Chiefs-Chargers.

“You can see what’s been transpiring between Travis and her, this week in New York City, SNL, going to Nobu,” said Wolfson. “It doesn’t seem like they want to leave each other’s side. I have to say, I mean I am now obsessed with this. It’s really fun to follow and it adds a nice side of entertainment to it. It doesn’t—I don’t think—have any effect on what happens on the field, but it would be great to have Taylor Swift in the house on Sunday.”

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