As receivers ran drills during today’s segment of the NFL Combine, the NFL Network crew asked analyst Steve Smith whether he had any interest in leaving the booth for a return to the playing field, a la Jason Witten.

Smith shut that down in a very Steve Smith fashion:

“You want the truth about that, or you want me to let that go?…I’m actually good on TV, so I’m just gonna stay here.”

There’s no surprise. I’m actually good on TV so I’m just gonna stay here.”

Smith apologized (but only in a way that made it clear he was speaking the truth), before saying he’s going to dunk on people when it’s obvious.

Steve Smith is quickly becoming a broadcasting treasure. Earlier in the show, he walked onto the field to tell QB prospect Tyree Jackson to stop slinging in balls too hard for receivers to catch during a gauntlet drill, via Deadspin:

More Steve Smith, please.

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