Stephen A. Smith opining on Kliff Kingsbury.

ESPN pundit Stephen A. Smith loves to be loud about sports and drop the hottest possible takes, and those two things combined to get him savagely dunked on by the Arizona Cardinals’ official Twitter feed Wednesday. On his ESPN Radio show, Smith criticized the Cardinals’ hiring of Kliff Kingsbury…by saying he “looks like a better candidate to be on the BACHELOR than a head coach of a football team, DAMNIT!”

Yeah, Kingsbury’s appearance is really the problem there. And the whole clip is ridiculous, with Smith seemingly claiming that only whoever won the last NCAA title should be a valid NFL coaching candidate. There are plenty of valid reasons to criticize that hire, including Kingsbury’s less-than-stellar record as a head coach at the college level and his lack of NFL experience (things which Smith does bring up), but going after his looks isn’t really the thing to do, and the rest of this is just a deranged rant, especially when it gets to his appearance. “The ladies are going to be all over the place drooling over Kliff Kingsbury!” But as the Cardinals reminded us with a note to the time Smith talked about the key matchup of a player injured all year versus a player who was released in February, Smith’s takes often are divorced from reality:

Savage. Of course, Smith shot back with some further tweets of his own:

Well, the “moribund product” the Cardinals contaminated Arizona with this season was a 3-13 record, which is officially three more wins than Smith has ever recorded at anything. And someone who provides a moribund product every day on First Take and a worse one on his radio show (where he doesn’t have a reasonably-sane counterpoint like Max Kellerman to argue with, and winds up just yelling at air) doesn’t have much room to stand here. The Cardinals hit Smith with a big L, and he should probably lay low for a while. Maybe he can use the time to study some NFL depth charts…

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