Shannon Sharpe: Bill Belichick-Jerry Jones a match made in hell (Credit: ESPN’s First Take)

Like many of us, Shannon Sharpe is wondering how exactly Bill Belichick and Jerry Jones would co-exist with one another in a potential scenario that the six-time winning Super Bowl head coach found himself in Dallas. Of course, Mike McCarthy would need to be fired for that to even remotely be a discussion. Still, that potential storyline has picked up some steam in the hours since the Cowboys were eliminated by the Green Bay Packers, despite being 7-point favorites.

On Monday’s episode of First Take, Shannon Sharpe rejected Molly Qerim’s suggestion that it made sense for Belichick to go to the Cowboys, responding with a firm “hell no.”

“Man, do you not understand that Coach Belichick wants authority?” asked Sharpe. “Can you imagine Jerry Jones trying to hold a press conference and tell what’s going on with the team — and you think Coach Belichick is gonna sit idly by and let Jerry do that? Absolutely not. It would be the worst…It’s a match made in hell. You couldn’t pick a worse match than Jerry Jones and Coach Bill Belichick.

“There’s a reason he got rid of Jimmy (Johnson). He got rid of Bill Parcells. Do you understand? Coach Belichick learned under Parcells. Jimmy and Coach Parcells and Coach Belichick are more alike. And once he got rid of Parcells, what has he done? Hired the Chan Gaileys, hired the Dan Campos, the Jason Garretts, hired the Mike McCarthy, Wade (Phillips) — he don’t want that type of coach. He wants to be able to do everything. He wants to be the face of it…”

Sharpe raises valid concerns about the potential clash of personalities and power dynamics between Belichick and Jones.

Belichick thrives in environments where he has autonomy and final say, as evidenced by his success in New England. While Jones enjoys public presence and involvement in team decisions, which would potentially create friction with Belichick’s desire for control.

Should Belichick and Jones join forces, the power struggle brewing at AT&T Stadium could either rewrite the Cowboys’ narrative or be remembered as the disaster that everyone and their mother — including Sharpe — saw coming. While it’s a pairing as improbable as it is captivating, Sharpe isn’t the only one who’s not buying two of the game’s biggest names (and egos) joining forces.

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