Tiki Barber, Ryan Clark, Gregg Giannotti Tiki Barber, Ryan Clark, Gregg Giannotti

Ryan Clark is willing to meet with WFAN hosts Tiki Barber and Gregg Giannotti to settle their differences, but he doesn’t want any mics or cameras in the room.

To recap, this all started when Barber flippantly said “You’re dead to us” to Saquon Barkley after he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles earlier this month, spawning a feud between the two former New York Giant running backs. Barkley fired back at Barber, Barber responded to Barkley and then Clark decided to chime in on his The Pivot podcast.

“Tiki was one of the veterans along with Michael Strahan when I played for the Giants, he taught me everything I refused to be as a veteran,” Clark said on his podcast. “Tiki was a very good player, but definitely not ‘just one of the guys’ everybody could rock with. I guess some things never change.”

Barber saw Clark’s criticism and responded to his former teammate by calling him a “jack*** and imploring the current ESPN analyst to “shut the hell up,” among other things. But after Clark ripped Barber and Barber fired back, Gregg Giannotti (who can be seen above in the very carefully and considerately selected featured image) decided to chime in.

Clark knew Barber from their time with the Giants. Giannotti knew Clark from his time hosting a radio show in Pittsburgh. According to Giannotti, Clark had a weekly interview on Giannotti’s radio show when he was a member of the Steelers until he spurned his regular spot to go on ESPN. But worse than that, Giannotti said he witnessed Clark berate another member of the media in the Steelers locker room.

“Ryan Clark was a d-bag in that locker room,” Giannotti said last week on WFAN. “So, if Tiki Barber taught you how not to be, then Tiki Barber was doing the right thing in the locker room because you were a d***.”

After being called a “jack***” by Tiki Barber and a “d***” by Gregg Giannotti, Ryan Clark unsurprisingly, would like another word. Clark reached out to both Barber and Giannotti on Twitter to share that he’ll be in New York all week if they want to meet. The catch, however, is that Clark doesn’t want this meeting to be broadcast on radio or TV.

“Y’all tell me where and I’m there,” Clark wrote. “No camera, no mics, no public talking after. 3 men in a room. Let me know fellas. God Bless.”

Barber said “You’re dead to us” to Saquon Barkley over the airwaves for content. Clark could have then reached out to Barber privately when he took issue with the comment. Instead, he responded publicly and criticized Barber on his podcast, for content. Now Clark would like the next stage of this lengthy feud to occur privately.

But if the feud started as content and endured multiple rounds as content, it seems like the best chance at continuing or setting it is if Clark, Barber, and Giannotti can continue using it as content. Whatever the outcome, a meeting won’t happen this week. Giannotti responded to Clark with a picture of a Turks and Caicos beach, letting the former NFL defensive back know he won’t be in New York this week. But if a potential meeting can’t be used as content anyway, we may never know if this feud gets settled or just forgotten.

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