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Ryan Clark went after Tiki Barber for his feud with Saquon Barkley, and now the ESPN analyst is feeling the wrath of WFAN.

In the wake of Barber vs Barkley turning into Clark vs Barber, WFAN morning host Gregg Giannotti has now added to this seemingly never-ending content stream by entering the chat.

Barber and Barkley exchanged jabs this week after the latter ended his New York Giants tenure by signing with the Philadelphia Eagles. To that, Barber went on his WFAN afternoon show and said, “You’re dead to us,” albeit with a chuckle. Barkley, however, didn’t find it funny. Apparently, Ryan Clark didn’t either.

Clark came to Barkley’s defense on his The Pivot podcast this week, claiming Barber was a poor veteran presence in the locker room during their two years as teammates with the Giants. Barber already fired back over the comments, but just in case he wanted some extra backup, Giannotti took a few minutes to rip Clark Friday morning.

Once upon a time in his radio career, Giannotti was a host on 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh, while Clark was a prominent player on the Steelers.

“He had a deal with us to come on once a week when he was still an active player for the Steelers and I was doing Pittsburgh radio,” Giannotti said of Clark. “And then one day he said he was sick and couldn’t do the show and then he was up on ESPN.”

More than a decade later, Clark is one of ESPN’s premier NFL analysts, recently landing a new contract after working an at times grueling schedule by making regular appearances on Get Up, First Take, NFL Live and SportsCenter. While Giannotti’s opinion of Clark may have soured after his radio show was snubbed for ESPN, it’s not the only reason he has an issue with the former Steeler.

“Ryan Clark was a d-bag in that locker room,” Giannotti said. “So, if Tiki Barber taught you how not to be, then Tiki Barber was doing the right thing in the locker room because you were a d***.”

According to Giannotti, he witnessed Clark reprimanding a member of the Beaver County Times, making the reporter “feel like a piece of crap” in the Steelers locker room.

“So, you’re the classy guy?” Giannotti asked. “My ass you are.”


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