Richard Sherman scolds Skip Bayless Photo credit: FS1

Not only does Skip Bayless have a seat on FS1’s Undisputed, but he decides who sits next to him. That is until Richard Sherman got there.

As if watching his Dallas Cowboys get thrashed by the Green Bay Packers in the Wild Card round of the NFL Playoffs wasn’t gut-wrenching enough for Skip Bayless, he also had to endure seeing the San Francisco 49ers advance to the NFC Championship game yet again. Bayless attempted to take some solace in knowing the 49ers struggled against the “behemoth” Baltimore Ravens earlier this season in a possible Super Bowl preview, but Sherman wouldn’t have it.

“Who’s in the NFC Championship game, Skip?” Sherman asked. “Is this the first time they’ve been there, Skip? Or have they been their four of the last five years, Skip? You may not want to speak on this, Skip because you don’t have the experience. Your team’s never in it. Your team’s never in the NFC Championship.”

“I want Skip to understand, you don’t have a place at this table, Skip. At this table, to talk about this because your team’s never in this,” Sherman continued. “They’re never in it! They’re never in it, Skip!”

Sherman’s putdown garnered a couple of ‘whoa, whoa, whoas’ from Bayless as he desperately clung to his seat at the table by citing the Cowboys’ past success. Because you didn’t actually think Undisputed could go a day without talking about the Cowboys, right?

Sherman made the “you don’t have a place at this table” claim in the context of Bayless being a Cowboys fan and the Cowboys haven’t been to a championship game in nearly three decades. But still, Bayless getting hit with a “you don’t have a place at this table” on his own show had to feel at least a little bit debilitating.


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