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While speculation has run rampant about Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Alan Williams’ decision to step away from coaching, the official word is that he has decided to step back to focus on his health and family.

There was a rumor circulating the internet that the FBI raided Williams’ home, in addition to Halas Hall, the Bears practice facility. But both claims were denied by Williams’ personal attorney, Andrew M. Stroth.

“The rumors on social media are offensive and one hundred percent untrue,” said Stroth, per NBC. “Coach Williams resigned (Wednesday) because of personal health challenges and personal family issues. There was no raid on Halas Hall, and no raid on his home.”

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport provided clarity to the report, stating the following:

Well, according to Pat McAfee, Rapoport is leaving out an important detail.

McAfee reported on his The Pat McAfee Show that Williams’ home was in fact raided by the FBI Wednesday.

“Anytime you hear about an FBI raid happening, you assume when there’s some smoke, there’s a fire,” McAfee said. “We will say–I mean, we’ve sued for a lot of stuff—but our sources have told me that an FBI raid did happen on the defensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears Alan Williams’ house.”

McAfee said that there are very, very disgusting allegations that could be in play here. He also mentioned that drugs could potentially be at play here, as well as some other things taking place.

“Nonetheless, he has resigned from the Chicago Bears quickly,” said McAfee. “He’s been removed. All the conversation around him has kind of been distant. The Bears have kind of just said that it’s a personal matter, they’re dealing with it, they’re doing their whole thing. We will see how this whole thing turns out.”

Everyone in the industry has been hesitant to share details and McAfee, with no real journalistic background, has just plowed through. He’s never been one to be shy about going where few might dare, as he even referenced his lawsuit from Brett Favre, which was eventually dropped. McAfee has to hope that his sources are accurate because to share something like this if it has not been properly vetted, would not only reflect on him but on ESPN as well.

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