Daniel Jones tripped, and Troy Aikman discussed the turf monster getting him.

Much of this year hasn’t worked out great for the New York Giants, who sat at 1-5 heading into their Thursday night game against the Philadelphia Eagles (1-4-1). And while the Giants did make some good plays early on in this one, including Golden Tate’s touchdown catch, the most memorable play of the game through three quarters might have been an 80-yard run from quarterback Daniel Jones that looked set for a touchdown, but instead ended with Jones tripping and falling.

The commentary there from the Fox/NFL Network team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman is great. Buck goes “From the 12, Jones keeps, gets a block, TAKES OFF, AND HE’S GONE! Trying to stay upright, and HE TRIPS! Absolutely all alone, and he trips going to the end zone. He ends up carrying it as it is for 80. But a walk-in touchdown and he tripped himself!”

Aikman says “I can’t believe it. He’s reading Brandon Graham out there, and then he takes it, and once he does and pulls it, there’s just nobody left. Evan Engram is out there blocking, and this is the only way he doesn’t score!” Aikman laughs and continues with “It’s been that kind of year for the Giants offensively. They have not been good down in the red zone.”  And after that, when they go to the replay, Aikman comments “The old turf monster got him, right about here!”

This play wound up working okay for the Giants, as they got a first down on a third-down pass interference flag, and Wayne Gallman then punched it in on first and goal from the one-yard line. (They would still go on to lose, though.) And this was still a great play by Jones; it was the fourth-longest run in team history, and the longest by a Giants’ quarterback. But that ending definitely was unexpected, and it led to some funny commentary.

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