A screengrab from Nickelodeon Christmas 2023 NFL coverage. A screengrab from Nickelodeon Christmas 2023 NFL coverage. (CBS Sports on Twitter.)

Last year saw CBS roll out their Nickelodeon alternate game presentation for Christmas for the first time. This year, in advance of Nickelodeon’s first-ever Super Bowl alternate feed, they brought Nickmas back. And that included both new and returning favorites. To start with, check out their blimp and floating “broadcast booth”:

That broadcast booth features play-by-play voice Noah Eagle, analyst Nate Burleson, and Raphael of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with Dylan Schefter as a sideline reporter:

Interestingly enough, Raiders’ RB Josh Jacobs (who isn’t actually playing due to injury) got into the TMNT theme in warmups. But his Donatello shirt didn’t go over well with Raphael:

Donatello is on the broadcast as well to explain penalties. Meanwhile, Michaelangelo is there with a pizza cannon:

The broadcast also had some Christmas touches, including “Santa stats”:

And, of course, there was slime:

The one part of this most like the traditional CBS telecast? The focus on Taylor Swift.

Nickelodeon’s alternate NFL broadcasts started in 2021 with a Saints-Bears Wild Card game. Last year saw them do the first Nickmas game, as well as the 49ers-Cowboys Wild Card game. Burleson also hosts a weekly NFL Slime Time show on the channel, and this season will see them broadcast an alternate feed of the Super Bowl for the first time, with CBS Sports chair Sean McManus saying before the year “I think in many ways Nickelodeon is an added and incremental audience as opposed to an audience that’s being taken away from CBS.” So there’s likely to be much more Nick NFL content ahead.

[CBS Sports on Twitter]

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