NFL RedZone host Scott Hanson. Credit: NFL RedZone

With most live sports suspended indefinitely thanks to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, plenty of networks are airing old games for programming. An interesting new one there is the NFL RedZone channel (the Scott Hanson-hosted one available on most cable providers, (but not AT&T U-verse), in some streaming bundles, and directly through the league, not the Andrew Siciliano-hosted DirecTV one called Red Zone Channel), which announced plans Friday to re-air their coverage of each Sunday from the 2019 season on consecutive days from April 6-22. Here’s more from their release:

Beginning Monday, April 6, NFL RedZone will replay every Sunday from the 2019 NFL season in chronological order for 17 consecutive days on the NFL RedZone network at 8:00 AM3:00 PM and 10:00 PM ET each day.

Provided below is the complete airing schedule:

  • Monday, April 6 – Week 1

  • Tuesday, April 7 – Week 2

  • Wednesday, April 8 – Week 3

  • Thursday, April 9 – Week 4

  • Friday, April 10 – Week 5

  • Saturday, April 11 – Week 6

  • Sunday, April 12 – Week 7

  • Monday, April 13 – Week 8

  • Tuesday, April 14 – Week 9

  • Wednesday, April 15 – Week 10

  • Thursday, April 16 – Week 11

  • Friday, April 17 – Week 12

  • Saturday, April 18 – Week 13

  • Sunday, April 19 – Week 14

  • Monday, April 20 – Week 15

  • Tuesday, April 21 – Week 16

  • Wednesday, April 22 – Week 17

Hanson also tweeted about his excitement over this:

It’s interesting to see a network going with archival games from this past season rather than older content, as the games here aren’t exactly far out of memory. But there may still be an appeal to this, especially for those who particularly enjoy the RedZone experience on Sundays. And doing the whole season chronologically like this seems like a smart approach, letting viewers relive the season’s storylines (even if they already know the ending).

It’s also notable to see someone providing archival whip-around content provided; most of what we’ve seen so far on the old games front has been individual games (and those are available through the NFL too for those who prefer that; individual games from 2009-2019 can be viewed through NFL Game Pass, which is free through May 31), but watching highlights of every game from a particular week may be more exciting to some (and it’s certainly more action-packed than an individual game broadcast). We’ll see how popular this proves to be.

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