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Mike Greenberg admits Micah Parsons has potential as a media personality, but he wants the Dallas Cowboys linebacker to wait at least a decade before exploring that career.

Stephen A. Smith recently interviewed Parsons on his podcast. The appearance led to some great content with the Cowboys linebacker sounding like Shannon Sharpe or Chris “Mad Dog” Russo as he sparred back and forth with Smith. Greenberg played a clip Thursday morning on Get Up, and while he agrees Parsons was entertaining, he’s just not ready for Parson to be an entertainer.

“What are we doing?” Greenberg asked after watching the back and forth between Smith and Parsons. “It’s brilliantly funny and it’s great content and far be it for me to be complaining about things that give us stuff to show you and talk about.

“But the reality is, Micah Parsons needs to be worried about the next Lawrence Taylor, not the next Stephen A. Smith. He may have a wonderful career as the next Stephen A. Smith, that can start in 10 or 15 years, it doesn’t need to start right now.”

Parsons has his own podcast where he regularly makes news and he’s wisely promoting that ability by going on other shows. Unfortunately for Skip Bayless, Parsons still isn’t going on Undisputed. But he went on Smith’s podcast, and as Greenberg admitted, it was entertaining. Where’s the problem?

Kudos to Greenberg for taking a stance and having an opinion that could be considered borderline controversial, but why can’t Parsons go on a show to similarly share his own opinions? Being 24 years old and a talented linebacker on the Dallas Cowboys should not keep Parsons from debating Stephen A. Smith.

Parsons is not the first active player to have a podcast or appear on a podcast. And hopefully Parsons is able to fend off the need to focus on a media career for 10 or 15 years, but it’s impossible for an NFL linebacker to assume they’re going to be healthy for the next decade. Greg Olsen was working as a game analyst while he was still an active NFL player. Draymond Green won a championship while pursuing his media career. Even Tom Brady had his own podcast and radio show while he was still playing quarterbacking NFL teams to the playoffs. Where’s the harm in Parsons debating Stephen A. Smith seven months before his next game for the Cowboys?

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