Mark Wahlberg on the ManningCast Photo credit: ESPN

Usually, when a guest joins Peyton and Eli Manning on the ManningCast there’s jokes and banter and hijinks, did someone forget to tell Mark Wahlberg?

Wahlberg, who entertains people for a living, joined Monday night’s ManningCast featuring the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, but made it seem like he was forced on camera against his will. No one is expecting Wahlberg to jump in and challenge two Super Bowl MVP quarterbacks on their analysis of the game. But Mark, can we get a joke? A laugh? A smile? How about we just settle for any expression at all?

Wahlberg spent 20 minutes with the Mannings on their alternate Monday Night Football broadcast on ESPN, and for most of his time on camera, the actor appeared as if someone just broke him the news that his puppy ran away. If that was the case, we’re sorry and hope puppy has returned. But otherwise, this was just a lifeless appearance.

Every so often, Peyton or Eli would attempt to get Wahlberg to engage, but it was like pulling teeth. They got him to predict a field goal during one of Philly’s drives. Woo! With the Eagles appearing destined for a touchdown on the drive, it seemed like a perfect opportunity for Wahlberg to have some fun, but all he could muster up was, “No, I’m sticking with the initial prediction. Field goal.”

Even after the Eagles scored a touchdown, Wahlberg said he was rooting for Philly before noting, “There’s a lot of time left,” with a sigh, appearing curiously upset that the team he was supposedly rooting for scored. Don’t get too excited, Mark!

Wahlberg’s best line of the night was when he mumbled, “You guys got a lot of commercials” to himself, although it seemed like he didn’t intend for the masses to hear his gripe with the ManningCast. In his defense, they were heading for their fourth commercial break since introducing Wahlberg to the show. Welcome to the NFL. Wahlberg also couldn’t rip the earpiece out of his ear fast enough when they said goodbye. Next time you’re pitched a role you’re not interested in, just say no.


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