Arnold Schwarzenegger feeding a donkey during an appearance on Monday's ManningCast Photo Credit: ESPN

Week 9’s Monday Night Football game between the New York Jets and the Los Angeles Chargers featured a ManningCast for the ages. And that was all thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger, perhaps the wildest guest the two have ever had.

Schwarzenegger is obviously famously known for his role in countless movies, his career as a professional bodybuilder, and his role from 2003-2011 as California Governor.

He’s a man who simply needs no introduction. And yet, he arrived with a truly bizarre and fascinating introduction on Monday night, casually feeding a donkey just before the ManningCast broadcast went to a commercial break.

When they returned from the commercial break, Schwarzenegger began to pitch his book. The only problem with that is that it completely took away from what was going on in the game, which happened to be Jets quarterback Zach Wilson fumbling, which was recovered by the Chargers.

Schwarzenegger’s long-winded pitch for his book didn’t allow either Eli or Peyton Manning to actually discuss the play happening on the field.

Once Schwarzenegger was done, Peyton hilariously stated that Zach Wilson should “get a copy” of this book, which is about attaining success.

“I think those are great lessons,” said Manning. “I think Zach Wilson may want a copy of that book after that fumble right there.”

Later in the first quarter, Schwarzenegger showed off his football knowledge. He nearly nailed a prediction of an Austin Ekeler rushing touchdown from 21 yards out, only for Ekeler to be called down inside the one-yard line.

His prediction would later come true, as Ekeler would go on to rush it in from the one-yard line to land on the ManningCast “Perfect Prediction Panel”.

Schwarzenegger’s appearance would come to an end just as strangely as it started, simply exiting with no warning after the cast went to a commercial break near the end of the first quarter.

Eli Manning made a great joke about it, stating that the donkey must have “ate the heck” out of his Wi-Fi.

Fans on social media weighed in on Schwarzenegger’s appearance on the alternate cast. And it is safe to say that the majority of viewers absolutely loved it.

The other guests on this week’s Manningcast included Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence and former NFL wide receiver turned FS1 personality Keyshawn Johnson.

But it’s safe to say that Schwarzenegger was a tough act to follow.

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