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By all accounts, the Super Bowl remains the one sure thing on the network TV calendar that will put up monster ratings and continue to grow its audience and reach.

However, that doesn’t stop people from making recommendations on how to make it better or glom even more dollars out of football fans for the right to watch it.

Former ESPN boss John Skipper is adamant about thinking the Super Bowl should become a PPV event. Many have called for the Monday after the Super Bowl to be a national holiday so that we can all recover from the festivities.

NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt has his own theory on how to make Super Bowl Sunday even better: Turn it into Super Bowl Saturday.

The Good Morning Football host is on the latest episode of SI Media with Jimmy Traina where the recent news that the NFL will have a Black Friday game on Amazon Prime inspired him to share his big idea.

“I think the Black Friday game walks so that Super Bowl Saturday can run,” said Brandt. “I’ve been pushing for that for years. I want Super Bowl Saturday.

“I got to interview Goodell once, Goodell and I have a very comfortable, jocular relationship, and I pitched him on the air, ‘Super Bowl Saturday Roger. I just wanna speak for the people.’ Yes, if you’re thinking it’s because I wanna drink and eat with impunity, yes, that’s the reason why. Why can’t we make this on Saturday? And he laughed, but he gave the answer, well the audience on Sunday blah, blah, blah, and I get it, but I don’t care. I want it on Saturday.”

Brandt at least acknowledges that there are plenty of good reasons why the Super Bowl is played on a Sunday. Not that the game would have a problem drawing an audience on any day, but from a TV ratings perspective, Saturdays are traditionally among the worst days of the week and Sundays are the best. And while having the event on a Saturday might indeed help those who go all-out at their Super Bowl watch party, that’s probably not going to sway any network that’s looking to max out their advertising revenue on the game each year.

Now we wait to find out who has it in them to make a take like “The Super Bowl should be played on a Wednesday.”

[SI Media with Jimmy Traina]

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