Jeopardy! contestant Jake DeArruda trolled his beloved Patriots when explaining how he spent his original winnings. Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Television/Jeopardy! Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Television/Jeopardy!

While Jeopardy! contestants often go viral for their lack of sporting knowledge, a contestant in Wednesday’s episode is definitely a fan.

Jake DeArruda, a three-day champion from Season 39, was back in Season 40 for the Tournament of Champions. His episode aired on Wednesday and during the interview segment, host Ken Jennings asked DeArruda a familiar question Tournament of Champions players receive. What did you do with the winnings?

DeArruda, who is originally from Vermont, had that answer ready to go.

“I was 23 when my games aired last year so I did what anybody under the age of 25 would do I promptly spent the check on sports gambling and women and alcohol.

“And by that, of course, I spent $20 on a college football pick’em that went horribly wrong, $20 to take my date and I to the top of the Gillette Stadium Lighthouse. And several four packs of hard cider to get through the awful Patriots season that I endured.”

While DeArruda led after the Jeopardy! round, he finished in second place and therefore will not advance. DeArruda didn’t go home empty-handed on Wednesday, finishing with $5,000.

Still, while $5,000 will buy DeArruda plenty of hard cider, it may not be enough to sustain him for another season as bad as the one that the Patriots — and their fans — just endured.

[Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Television/Jeopardy!]

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