Taylor Swift Drinking Game ESPN’s Jeff Darlington led a drinking game at an airport inspired by pop megastar Taylor Swift.

As ‘Sunday Night Football‘ primed its broadcast for an influx of Swifties, attention nationwide was ready to fixate on the marquee matchup between the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs. And, of course, part of the marquee wasn’t just one of the players, but one of the biggest stars in the game’s new girlfriend. Pop music megastar Taylor Swift is now dating All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce. There is a significant public interest in the couple, and while the NFL and its broadcast partners handle the deal, viewers at home have to adjust as well.

For some who may be disinterested in the relationship, one way to ‘cope’ is to have fun with it. And when these things happen, you know the famous significant other will be shown on camera numerous times. Whether the context is there or not, the cameras will always go after them. Action Network had playfully posted over-unders on the number of Swift songs referenced or played, how many times she’ll appear on the broadcast, her lipstick color, and if her friends would be with her.

Another way of ‘coping’ with it? Drinking games. It turns out that ESPN’s Jeff Darlington not only participated in a drinking game — he led one of his own! Darlington posted on Sunday evening from Buffalo Niagara International Airport. Darlington claimed his flight got delayed, along with several other fans. So, what did he do? Darlington posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) that he and others made the most of it.

“We’re drinking for every time they show Taylor Swift — and I’m buying shots for the bar every 5th time they show her. Let’s go!” Darlington exuberantly posted.

Firstly, it’s a good thing David Brooks isn’t around. Brooks might faint otherwise at the steep price. As for Darlington? Full marks. It’s more than a respectable way to go about an airport delay.

Funnily enough, though, the story does feature an update. Darlington posted later that evening that delays impacted his flight again. This time, another patron puking caused the delay. Playfully, Darlington went, “My bad?” at the end of the post.

For the record, 506 Sports recorded 11 appearances for Swift on the telecast. So, if you ‘bet’ the over? You were right.

If you played a drinking game, well, hopefully, you took off on Monday.

[Jeff Darlington]

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