Fox's broadcast of the NFC Championship Game Photo Credit: Fox

Sunday featured two epic showdowns for the right to play in Super Bowl LVIII. While CBS broadcast the AFC Championship between the Baltimore Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs, Fox handled the NFC Championship between the Detroit Lions and the San Francisco 49ers.

While there were plenty of storylines on the field, there were several happening within those broadcasting booths. That led to a lot of opinions about which broadcast team performed better. Specifically, there were a lot of comparisons between CBS’s Tony Romo, who has been facing harsh criticism, and Fox’s Greg Olsen, who is presumably calling his final game in the No. 1 booth before being replaced by Tom Brady next season.

With Romo and Jim Nantz’s call of the Chiefs’s win over the Ravens, the embattled analyst continued to receive harsh feedback because of his strange phrasing and awkward calls.

When it came time for the Fox broadcast of the 49ers’ epic comeback win over the Lions, it felt like night and day on social media as Olsen and Burkhardt were largely praised for their insight throughout the game.

That difference between even starker when Awful Announcing received over 12,000 votes in an X poll asking which was the preferred announcing booth. Burkhardt and Olsen overwhelmingly won out over Nantz and Romo, garnering over 69 percent of the votes as of the time of this writing.

In particular, many viewers pointed to the contrast between Olsen and Romo as color commentators, with others in the sports media praising the former player for his insights.

There’s bad news on both fronts as Olsen’s future with Fox is in doubt thanks to Brady’s impending arrival as well as the fact that CBS will be broadcasting Super Bowl LVIII. So if you didn’t enjoy Romo’s work in the booth, you’re in for a rough evening.

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