The Miami Dolphins are going to be bad this year. This is good news for the Dolphins front office, which apparently wants to be very bad this year, but it’s not good news for the players (many of whom reportedly requested trades after the opening week 59-10 loss to the Ravens).

It’s also not good news for anyone playing fantasy football and hoping to count on Dolphins players, which is something you very much shouldn’t do. You certainly shouldn’t count on their defense, especially as they travel to New England this weekend to take on Tom Brady. ESPN’s fantasy football team clearly agrees; they had to write a blurb on the Dolphins defense ahead of Week 2, and they did their best to discourage anyone from adding them to the roster.

“Why are you reading this? Just for fun? We assume you’d never consider using a defense that just gave up 59 points against arguably the greatest quarterback ever the week he gets one of the greatest receivers ever to join his team.”

This is likely very accurate analysis. The only reason to have the Dolphins defense on your fantasy team is if you’re in some kind of “worst is first” league, in which case, meet your likely 2019 MVP. Credit ESPN for having fun with it too; I just checked my Yahoo app, and they didn’t even bother to add a note. This, at least, is funny.

h/t Dov Kleiman

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