Jaguars GM Trent Baalke lets it rip during a presser, screengrab via X.

Sometimes, you just have to fart. Everybody does it. It’s a natural human occurrence. Not everybody does it when they are surrounded by members of the media like Jacksonville Jaguars GM Trent Baalke appears to have done, though.

While Baalke was giving a press conference about next week’s upcoming NFL Draft, a strange sound emanated from the microphone. Amazingly, Baalke took credit for it by saying “excuse me” and then went right on talking like nothing ever happened. Anyone with the ability to hear can connect the dots and assume that Baalke passed gas in the middle of a sentence.

Watch the video and behold for yourself.

Something like this takes either a tremendous lack of self-awareness by just admitting you farted in a room full of people with cameras rolling… or it takes an incredible amount of self-confidence to just let it rip and not have a care in the world about it.

Of course, Baalke could have said nothing and pretended not to have done anything. It could have been easily passed off as a technical malfunction or maybe a chair squeaking on the floor. If that was the case, there could have been an assumption of guilt without the confirmation.

He also could have gone the Dan Orlovsky route and vehemently denied it by blaming something weird like the ESPN analyst blamed the windshield wipers in his car or what have you. Orlovsky may have been just a little bit too vociferous in his defense though, raising suspicions even further.

Baalke chose a different path. And the honesty is refreshing, even if it comes with a slight odor attached to it.

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