CREDIT: The Pat McAfee Show

For better or worse, there’s never a dull moment on The Pat McAfee Show.

That remained the case on Tuesday when ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky joined the show from his car.

What started as a normal interview quickly took a turn when an unidentified noise in the background threw everything out of whack. Did Orlovsky pass gas, or was it simply a case of his windshield wipers scraping? You can be the judge for yourself.

It absolutely sounds like the windshield wipers, as Orlovsky didn’t even break his stride while making his point and seemed confused by McAfee and the crew reacting to the noise in the first place, which could be a deflection of what actually happened but also adds to the case of it being the wipers instead of Orlovsky.

Shockingly, this isn’t the first fart-related controversy the former NFL quarterback has found himself involved with since joining ESPN. As McAfee referenced, Dan Orlovsky had a similar incident on Monday Night Countdown back in 2022 when he seemingly muted his microphone to sneeze but it was immediately followed by a farting noise, which Orlovsky insisted at the time came from his mouth.

McAfee and the crew kept ribbing Orlovsky, who insisted that he didn’t fart. When it happens twice on television, however, you certainly don’t have as much benefit of the doubt.

Orlovsky reiterated on Twitter shortly later that it was, in fact, the windshield wipers.

That’s his story and he’s sticking to it. But if another moment like this happens a third time, then Orlovsky will lose all benefit of the doubt.

[Dan Orlovsky]