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ESPN’s Get Up crew seemingly forgot about their colleague Dan Orlovsky as they roasted Cam Newton for recently trashing Dak Prescott.

As the NFL enters the final few weeks of its regular season, the MVP race is heating up with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott a favorite to win the award. Last week, former NFL MVP winner Cam Newton weighed in, touting his former teammate and current San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey for the honor. In doing so, Newton controversially claimed quarterbacks Brock Purdy, Tua Tagovailoa, Jared Goff and Prescott are “game managers” more than “difference-makers.”

Despite being a week old, the clip gained traction Wednesday morning, garnering the attention of Get Up as Domonique Foxworth and Kimberley A. Martin roasted Newton for his take and for his outfit while giving the take. Foxworth accused Newton of fabricating this hot take for podcast clicks, while Martin mocked the 34-year-old former NFL MVP for being out of the league.

“In the year of 2023 where it’s all about NFL backups, where is Cam? Not on an NFL roster, right?” Martin said. “He’s talking about all of these NFL game managers. He sounds like the people literally tweeting at me from their basement like, ‘Get back in the kitchen.’ Like you are at home, watching me. Like just turn the TV off. It just sounds so foolish.”

If that’s the case, what did ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky sound like in recent years when he was trashing Dak Prescott?

What did Orlovsky sound like when he claimed Prescott doesn’t deserve to be paid as much as Carson Wentz? How about when Orlovsky insisted Prescott was just a good quarterback, not great? Sounds very similar to Newton believing the Cowboys quarterback is a game manager. Orlovsky has been countered on his Prescott takes, but not nearly to the level that Newton is experiencing.

Earlier this year, Orlovsky said Prescott is a player dependent on coaching, play-calling, and having help around him to be successful, unlike the elite quarterbacks. That also sounds very similar to Newton beliving the Cowboys quarterback is a game manager. And maybe the most egregious take from Orlovsky came last season during the playoffs, when he ranked Prescott 12th among the remaining 14 quarterbacks, four spots behind Daniel Jones. That’s an internet troll in their parents’ basement kind of take.

To his credit, Orlovsky did come around to Prescott, recently acknowledging he’s been the league’s best quarterback this season. For whatever reason, it’s taking Newton a little longer to share the revelation. But if you’re going to call Newton out for shading game manager quarterbacks, Orlovsky deserves the same energy.

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