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Dak Prescott is having the best season of his NFL career and is set to become a parent. What a year! Just don’t expect a shower gift from Craig Carton.

Last weekend, Prescott’s girlfriend, Sarah Jane Ramos shared on Instagram that the couple is expecting their first child in March. Tuesday morning, Carton took that information and crafted an awful hot take on his FS1 show.

“That’s a mistake,” Carton said after learning Prescott was going to be a father soon. “What? Why’d you tell me that? That changes everything. There goes the Cowboys’ season.”

“I’m a big fan of fatherhood, I’m blessed with four beautiful, healthy children,” Carton acknowledged. “This is a terrible distraction now for Dak Prescott. He’s not married, right? So now I gotta question is she a gold digger? She might not be. I gotta question it, right? Alright, number three, you’ve got everything going great. The last thing you need now is the distraction.”

This feels like Carton tossing bait out there for the social media piranhas to attack, and naturally, we bit. But even if this comment was made in jest, it’s still outdated and inappropriate to both question if this will be a distraction for Prescott, and whether his girlfriend is just a gold digger. If anything, we can argue that getting married, having to plan a wedding and organize a seating chart would be much more of a distraction for Prescott.

It feels silly to sit here and poke holes in such an absurd take, but let’s at least note that while Carton learned that Prescott’s girlfriend was pregnant on Tuesday, the Cowboys quarterback probably found out a while ago.

If their baby daughter is due in March, that means Prescott more than likely even knew his girlfriend was pregnant before the current NFL season kicked off. Not only has the pregnancy not been a “distraction” for Prescott, but the 30-year-old is playing his way into the MVP discussion by enjoying the best season of his NFL career.

And just to continue the absurdity of debunking this hot take, we’ll note that Patrick Mahomes and his wife welcomed a baby into the world last November, during what was eventually a Super Bowl winning season. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Matthew Stafford and Nick Foles are just a few more quarterbacks who managed to ignore the distraction of being a parent on their way to Super Bowl wins.

Last season, Jason Kelce’s wife was 38 weeks pregnant and traveled to the Super Bowl with two OBs. The year before, Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Van Jefferson left their Super Bowl celebration to be with his wife who went into labor during the game. At some point, a player is going to miss a NFL playoff game or Super Bowl to be with their pregnant partner, and when that happens, we can only imagine the hot takes that will be crafted on sports radio and TV shows the next morning.

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