Bill Belichick press conference Bill Belichick during a press conference

Amazon’s Thursday Night Football broadcast on Prime Video might still value Bill Belichick, but the feeling doesn’t appear to be mutual.

Sunday afternoon, during the New England Patriots 6-0 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers, CBS play-by-play voice Spero Dedes revealed an interesting note about Belichick that he learned during their pregame meetings.

“We’ve had some pretty enjoyable meetings and chats with Bill Belichick,” Dedes said to his broadcast partner Adam Archuleta. “I tell ya one thing we learned about coach the other day, he’s not a streaming guy. You asked him if he watched Thursday Night Football. He said, ‘What’s that, that streaming thing? No, I don’t do that.’”

Meanwhile it’s the “streaming thing” that is probably less excited about having to broadcast the Patriots this week than Belichick is about having to coach the game. During last week’s Thursday Night Football broadcast, Amazon’s Prime Video flashed a graphic promoting this week’s matchup between the Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers. The only problem, however, is that the Patriots are abysmal and have no players worth promoting, so they opted to put Belichick in the graphic alongside Pittsburgh’s T.J. Watt. Apparently, Belichick didn’t see it, because he doesn’t watch that “streaming thing.”

This is the type of thing that people, especially Patriots fans, used to love about Belichick. The NFL would prefer if Belichick was out there promoting how great the Thursday Night Football product is on Amazon, but the Patriots head coach won’t succumb to being a company man.

It’s just Bill being Bill. The evil genius probably still has rabbit ears on his TV, and he’s certainly not going to stop scheming for his next game to figure out how to stream a football broadcast. That may have been endearing when Belichick was winning Super Bowls, but at 2-10, the 71-year-old’s disdain for Thursday Night Football and streaming just makes him sound like a dinosaur who might finally be watching the game pass him by.


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