On Monday, Amazon announced their lineup of broadcasters for the 2021 Thursday Night Football season, which begins with this week’s Rams-Seahawks matchup.

Andrea Kremer and Hannah Storm return as the main broadcast team, and the Scout’s Feed returns with Joy Taylor, Bucky Brooks, and Daniel Jeremiah. The NFL Next pregame show also returns, hosted by Kay Adams alongside analysts Jeremiah, Andrew Hawkins, and Chris Long.

There will also be some Twitch-exclusive programming over the course of the week. Here’s how that lines up.

  • NFL Comment Box: 3 PM ET on Mondays, featuring Hawkins and Joe Thomas answering viewer questions.
  • The NFL Machine: 3 PM ET on Wednesdays, featuring Kimmi Chex, Nick Mangold, and Aqib Talib discussing archival NFL Films footage.
  • NFL Next Live: during each TNF game, Chex and Hawkins are joined by Malcolm Jenkins, Mangold, and Talib, among other analysts, to discuss the game as it airs.

Additionally, “a number of Twitch broadcasters—from NFL insiders to super-fans—will air TNF this season.”

So if you don’t like Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, you’ve got plenty of other options for TNF. And while the concept of alternate broadcasts for games is nothing new, one can assume that the wild success of ESPN’s Monday Night ManningCast is going to nudge more networks into providing their own alternate broadcasts for somewhat run of the mill event like regular season games.

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