Al Michaels Al Michaels found unique ways to criticize Thursday’s game between the Colts and Broncos.

The first half of Thursday’s game between the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos was — to put it kindly — not pretty. Denver led Indianapolis 6-3 at halftime and the two teams combined for less than 250 yards of total offense.

The viewing public was quick to note the continued struggles of Russell Wilson and the overall slow nature of the game. Those watching at home were not the only ones frustrated with what they were seeing. Many of the paying customers at Denver’s Empower Field at Mile High made their feelings known and in his own unique way, broadcaster Al Michaels did, as well.

Jimmy Traina of Sports Illustrated shared on Twitter that at halftime, he “texted Al Michaels and said ‘the only thing that can make the second half watchable is if he dropped a ‘farcical’ on us.'” Less than five minutes of game time into the third quarter, Michaels came through.

Michaels wasn’t done there. Later in the quarter, he said that “sometimes a game can be, at least to that point, so bad, it’s almost good.” His broadcast partner, color commentator Kirk Herbstreit, did not agree.

We can only credit Michaels for trying on this one. He’s earning every bit of his paycheck in Denver.

[Jimmy Trania on Twitter, Photo Credit: Amazon Prime Video]

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