After an involuntary year off, we’re back and asking you to rate the 2021 NCAA Tournament game announcers.

In case you’re new here (welcome), here are the simple guidelines.

We’re going to list all ten crews assigned to NCAA Tournament games over the first two rounds (excluding the tweaked pairs of crews for the First Four, and keeping Grant Hill with Ian Eagle instead of with Jim Nantz and Bill Raftery), and you’re going to give them a grade from A to F. Once the voting concludes, we’ll tabulate each crew’s grade on the four point scale (with an A good for 4, a B 3, and so on and so forth down to a 0 for an F) to determine which tournament broadcast crews you love, and which you simply can’t stand. You’re voting based on the crew as a whole, so if you love the analyst and hate the play-by-play announcer, you should take that into account.

The polls will be open from now until 10 PM ET/7 PM PT on Friday, March 26th. The full results will be revealed next week.

Brian Anderson and Jim Jackson

Carter Blackburn and Debbie Antonelli

Lisa Byington and Steve Smith

Andrew Catalon and Steve Lappas

Spero Dedes and Brendan Haywood

Ian Eagle and Grant Hill

Kevin Harlan and Dan Bonner

Tom McCarthy and Avery Johnson

Jim Nantz and Bill Raftery

Brad Nessler and Steve Lavin

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