Carson Palmer was on the Dan Patrick Show for one of his regular visits when the open USC job came up.

Palmer listed off a few potential names, including Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. What Palmer didn’t know, which Patrick zeroed in on, was that Mike Tomlin being floated by someone with the level of USC connections that Palmer obviously has would be a pretty big deal.

Palmer’s reaction upon realizing what he’d done is priceless, and arrives around the 1:41 mark.

Patrick: That’s pretty spicy with Mike Tomlin, there. I like it.

Palmer: Is that the first you’ve heard of that?

Patrick: Yeah.

Palmer: Uh oh.

(cue breaking news music) 

It’s important to note that Palmer isn’t suggesting Tomlin has mutual interest, or that he’s even been approached. Just that he’s on USC’s list, which at this point of the process is probably as long as it’s going to get. If Tomlin ever wanted to leave the Steelers, he’d likely have plenty of NFL suitors first.

Regardless of all that, though, the comedy here still works. Hopefully Palmer doesn’t get in trouble for that one.

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