Bill Walton discusses marijuana

When you put Bill Walton on a broadcast, you’re going to get some tangents. That’s particularly true when it’s a broadcast only loosely centered on the game, as with the “ESPN Voices” broacast on ESPNU during Monday night’s national championship game (which saw Walton dressed as Uncle Sam, to boot). However, one of those tangents was one neither ESPN nor Walton necessarily expected to air; his discussion of why marijuana shouldn’t be a Schedule I drug (an ongoing debate), which came right as they came out of commercial:

And here’s the follow-up, including his mention of “blanket amnesty”:

This wasn’t the only memorable moment from Walton by a long shot. He also discussed beer and mimosas:

And the rest of the room (Rachel Nichols, Michelle Beadle, Marcellus Wiley, Jay Bilas, and Keyshawn Johnson) got in on the fun, even dropping Walton impersonations that referenced his ongoing back-and-forth with regular announcing partner “Dave??” (Pasch):

Wiley also donned an Apollo Creed costume at one point and squared up with Walton’s Uncle Sam:

Bilas made a joke about a “contact high” from Walton:

And Walton called Johnson’s massage chair his “vibrator”:

So, yeah, just your normal average night of broadcasting.

[For The Win]

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