While Saturday night may have been Ja Morant’s night following the Memphis Grizzlies‘ 116-110 victory over the Chicago Bulls, it was Steven Adams who was there to steal the show afterward.

Despite an impressive performance from DeMar DeRozan, Morant finished with a season-high 46 points, shooting 53.6 percent from the field, helping the Grizzlies to stave off a comeback attempt by Chicago and earn the hard-fought victory road victory. Adams was no slouch either, adding 12 points and 21 rebounds in the huge victory for what some are starting to consider a trendy NBA Finals pick.

Afterward, Adams, who is from New Zealand, was speaking with reporters via Zoom when a reporter with a very distinct accent started asking him a question. Adams was so charmed that he could help but ask a question right back.

“Where are you from, bro?” asks Adams.

“Oh, I’m from Tennessee,” responds Grizzlies writer and podcaster Shawn Coleman.

“Oh, that’s a sick accent, bro,” said Adams. “I hadn’t heard that before. That’s awesome. That’s sick.”

A pretty charming moment from a pretty charming basketball player.

Adams has been with Memphis since August after coming over from New Orleans in a trade, so it’s a little surprising he hasn’t run into that accent yet. But perhaps that’s just a causality of the pandemic.

Coleman took to Twitter afterward to share his appreciation of the moment.

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