Toronto Raptors guard Gradey Dick Photo credit: Bally Sports New Orleans

The Toronto Raptors have a player named Gradey Dick, and New Orleans Pelicans analyst Antonio Daniels couldn’t handle it.

Toronto got blown out by the Pelicans Monday night, but Dick was a bright spot for them. He scored a career-high 22 points, which meant his name was said a lot on the broadcast. And on the Pelicans broadcast, Daniels finally asked play-by-play voice Joel Meyers to stop uttering the name.

“Dick stays out there,” Meyers said of the Raptors guard as he waited for a pass along the baseline about midway through the second quarter. As soon as he uttered the word “Dick,” laughter could be heard in the background from Daniels.

“Let’s just call him Gradey!” Daniels said while chuckling. “Let’s just call him Gradey for the rest of the game!”

Meyers didn’t oblige as he continued referring to the Raptors guard by his last name, just as he does for every other player on the court. Daniels, however, stuck to the player’s first name before ultimately deciding to call him “Richard,” which you can hear in the video below. Because, you know, saying “Dick” is hard.

We get it, there is no shortage of no context one-liners for announcers to have fun with Dick. Dick slams it in, Dick’s tip in, Dick’s stroke, the fans love Dick, Dick’s release, Dick’s balling. Hehe. And if some of those get brought to our attention, we’ll probably even share the video.

But Daniels wasn’t snickering at a Dick reference, he just couldn’t get over someone having the surname “Dick.” And this was just one game. Imagine if Dick gets traded to the Pelicans? Daniels might need to switch teams. Basketball teams.

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