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As Stephen A. Smith gears up for a new season of First Take by recruiting Shannon Sharpe to the show, he might also have a future debate partner in Michael Jordan.

Earlier this week, Steph Curry appeared on Gil’s Arena, a podcast hosted by Gilbert Arenas. During the podcast interview, Arenas asked Curry if he is the greatest point guard ever. After taking a second to absorb the question, Curry casually answered, “Yes.”

Tuesday morning on First Take, Stephen A. Smith agreed with Curry, ranking him ahead of Magic Johnson as the greatest point guard of all time. And Wednesday morning, Smith received a text from someone who vehemently disagreed with the notion that Curry is better than Magic.

“I have to read you a text that I received this morning at 5:54 a.m.,” Smith said on First Take before he proceeded to read the message out loud.

“Good morning, sir. Although greatest of anything is always a debate, I beg to differ on greatest point guard of all time, with what you said,’” the text began, according to Smith. “Magic Johnson is easily the best point guard of all time. Steph Curry is very close, but not in front of Magic. You must define point guard to really have a serious debate.”

The text proceeded to call Curry the best shooter of all-time but credited Magic for defining how much the triple-double can impact a basketball game. Referring to the triple-double as a “point guard stat,” the texter definitively said Magic was the best at it.

“We can go on, but I don’t want to take up too much of your time, I know you get the point,” the text to Smith continued. “By the way, Magic has five NBA championships.”

According to Smith, the 5:45 a.m. text came from Michael Jordan. Wait, so Michael Jordan was concerned about taking up too much of Stephen A. Smith’s time? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Further, Jordan asked Smith to read the text aloud on ESPN so his opinion of Curry and Magic could be heard. So basically, Michael Jordan embraces debate.

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