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Lil Wayne had a run-in with security at a Los Angeles Lakers game Thursday night. And he believes criticizing Anthony Davis alongside Skip Bayless may have been the cause.

Wayne tweeted that he “got treated like s*** at the Laker game” Thursday night. And Friday morning, the hip hop superstar detailed the incident on Undisputed.

According to Wayne, he was invited to the Lakers game, and while attempting to get to his courtside seats, security sent him and his friends to another part of the arena. When they arrived at the second entrance, Wayne realized he would have to ask other fans to get up from their seats so that his crew could get to theirs. Opting to go back to the other entrance, the same security person said, “Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh…I told you guys to go the other entrance.”

Instead, Wayne left and dropped the tweet about his experience, which alleged his criticism of Anthony Davis may have been the reason for being disrespected. While explaining the incident on Undisputed, Michael Irvin said he hoped the AD commentary didn’t play a role in the incident, but Wayne seemed unsure.

“When I tweeted that obviously that was raw emotions,” Wayne said. “But there’s truth. I mean there’s all facts behind my beliefs and behind that opinion. I felt like there was something about the whole AD thing.”

Wayne has been a Friday contributor to Undisputed since last August, when Bayless attempted to revamp the show following the departure of Shannon Sharpe. In November, Wayne claimed it was time for the Lakers to “get rid” of Anthony Davis if they have any championship aspirations now or in the future. Four months later, Wayne found himself getting stopped by security while attempting to find his courtside seat.

“Could there be anything else operating under the surface?” Bayless asked, wondering whether Wayne’s four-month-old commentary on Davis was the only reason he was stopped by security. “I’ve been a critic of LeBron’s. I say a lot of good things about him, but I say the truth about him. Do you think…”

Bayless seemingly attempted to imply that carrying the torch as the foremost LeBron James-hater for decades may have prompted Wayne, a Friday contributor to Undisputed, to get stopped by security at a Lakers game. Wayne, however, was quick to dispel the notion.

“Actually Skip, no,” Wayne interjected. “I think if Bron would have even caught a glimpse of something like that happening…Bron probably would have called a timeout just to make sure that didn’t happen. He’s a stand-up guy.”

But what if Wayne said, “Yes, your LeBron hot takes are the reason security had me shuffling back and forth between entrances at a Lakers game.” Would Bayless have given up his badge as sports media’s biggest LeBron critic for a friend? The potential shockwaves are unfathomable.

Wayne may have been disrespected Thursday night at Arena. But it’s hard to imagine Lakers staffers or security were holding onto his Anthony Davis commentary for four months, waiting for an opportunity to put Wayne through the wringer as payback.


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