Kay Adams and Shams Charania flirting McAfee Screen grab: Up & Adams

Like Mike and the Mad Dog or Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon, there’s a unique chemistry when Kay Adams and Shams Charania get together to talk sports.

For months now, social media has picked up on the budding interest between Adams and Charania. It began in November, when Adams had Charania on her Fanduel TV show and she joked about having kids with the popular NBA insider. The duo hooked up again on TV in December when Adams admitted it looked like she was “shooting her shot” with Charania.

And part three of their playful story occurred this week, but now it was Charania who stepped up as the initiator in the relationship. During the most recent episode of Up & Adams, Charania joined the show and had a list of sweet nothings to share.

“We’re both from Chicago, we’re both Aries, you’re a Missouri grad, that was in my top 3, I just didn’t go to Missouri,” Charania began. “Your parents are immigrants, my parents are immigrants. I just wanted to say, you get your flowers, just everything you’ve built, I have a lot of respect, I know yesterday was Women in Sports Day, so congrats on everything you’ve done and keep building.”

“Shams!” Adams said with a big smile as she put her hands over her heart. “That is the sweetest thing that I’ve ever heard.”

Very cute. Charania reiterated the importance of Women in Sports Day and said he wanted to make sure Adams received enough love in the celebration.

“I didn’t get enough love,” Adams admitted. “But now I did. Now I feel very loved and you are just, you are amazing.”

Maybe this is just two sports media personalities who respect each other’s craft so much that it warms their hearts, maybe they just enjoy going viral together, or maybe Twitter is right and there’s something bigger behind these continued flirty exchanges. But if it’s the latter, someone has to eventually make the first move and admit they really are shooting their shot.

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