Knicks star Jalen Brunson struggled to find the right words after making the All-Star team and leading his team to a huge win. Photo Credit: MSG Photo Credit: MSG

Thursday was a big day for Jalen Brunson. After being named to his first All-Star team, he scored 40 points, leading the undermanned New York Knicks to a come-from-behind win over another Eastern Conference playoff contender, the Indiana Pacers.

After the game, Brunson couldn’t help but get emotional in his interview with MSG’s Alan Hahn.

One of the game’s key plays came when Brunson was poked in the eye by Indiana’s Andrew Nembhard. No foul was called, the Pacers retrieved the loose ball and scored an easy two points to go up 100-99. Brunson bounced back, hitting a go-ahead jumper to give the Knicks a lead they would not lose. Noting how physical the game was, Hahn said to Brunson, “Jalen, that looked like a prizefight. How did that feel?”

Brunson, hearing the cheers of the Madison Square Garden fans, momentarily paused before saying, “That was fun.” After pausing to take in the applause, he again said, “That was fun.”

The Madison Square Garden crowd then began to serenade Brunson with “M-V-P” chants. When Hahn mentioned Brunson being named to the All-Star Game, the first time All-Star got more emotional but couldn’t find the words when Hahn asked him to talk about some of the journey that led to it.

Finally, the conversation shifted to Brunson’s teammates with the Knicks. He showed pride in his team’s resolve while also giving a shoutout to Madison Square Garden’s atmosphere.

“We kept fighting, man,” Brunson said. “No matter what, we’re gonna keep fighting. That’s what we do. We’re going to keep fighting every single night. Especially here, man. This place is unbelievable.”

[Photo Credit: MSG]

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