The relationship between pro athletes and beat writers is often portrayed as one of antagonists, constantly jockeying with one another over access and ego. But the truth is that, more often than not, it’s just regular people doing their jobs and spending lots of time together. That can lead to some pretty funny moments, usually at the expense of the writer. And when that time ends, it can be as much of a bummer as anytime a co-worker you appreciate takes a new job.

Case in point, the moment when Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo noticed that Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel beat reporter Matt Velazquez was absent during the post-game presser and inquired about his whereabouts.

Giannis was informed in real-time that Velazquez had taken a new job in Indianapolis in support of his wife, who is pursuing a role as a physician. Realizing he never got a proper goodbye, he comically responded, “Damn Matt, I thought we were closer than that.”

Velazquez saw the comments and made sure to check in on Twitter and let Giannis know that he’s available to catch up whenever.

In Velazquez’s defense, he made the announcement about this career change back in early December, so apparently, Giannis needs to update his Journal Sentinel subscription.

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