The rise of remote press conferences led to a fun moment last night in Philadelphia.

Following a 118-113 home win over the Rockets, Sixers coach Doc Rivers was taking postgame questions via video conferencing. Doc interrupted one question from reporter Jackson Frank to ask one of his own:

“Jackson, are you in bed right now?”

“I am laying on my bed, yeah.”

“Jesus Christ, Jackson. [laughs] All right, I’m sorry.”

Here’s the view that prompted Doc to bring it up:

Frank, meanwhile, took the whole thing very well:

Hey, sometimes in a guest room there’s not much to work with from a seating perspective! And beds aren’t made for sitting. There’s no shame there! Honestly it’s just nice to see some of the absurdities the pandemic has pushed people into pointed out in a lighthearted way.

Even just in February of 2020, imagine earning that in one year not only would Doc Rivers would be coaching the Sixers, but that he’d be fielding postgame questions via Zoom from a reporter lying in bed, and it would be just a quick fun moment and not really that out of the ordinary.

Anyway, in sum: working from home leads to some weird setups, and credit everyone involved here for having a sense of humor.

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